Silver Furniture

Silver furniture gives your home a royal look if you are looking forward for these styles.

Our exhibitions offer a wide range of silver furniture that come with exquisite designs and superior craftsmanship. These are used to enhance the interior beauty of a house, hotels and restaurants.

Eco Modular Furniture

We present to you our eco-modular range of furniture created and perfected to match your style. Whether it’s the living room you wish to glamourise, the dining area you hope to jazz up or the study area you want to introduce smartness to, we have furniture that’s ideal for all of it and more. Match your shade and buy for yourself the smartest ever, zero maintenance furniture.

Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron is extremely durable. It's almost impossible to break or damage. Wrought iron is a highly malleable material so it can be worked into intricate, unique, and visually appealing shapes. its superior durability lessens any cost because you're almost never going to have to repair or replace wrought iron furniture as long as you keep it from rusting.we have been able to carve a niche in the domestic market by offering our clients a comprehensive range of Wrought Iron Furniture like, Garden Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Dining Furniture, Bedroom Furniture Etc. Our Products Include Wrought Iron Swings, Sofa Sets, Garden Benches, Beds, Dinning Sets, Candle Stand, Utility Racks, Mirror Sets, Cloth Drying Stand And various other Wrought Iron Accessories.

Cane Furniture

Cane furniture combines simplicity and comfort, with high aesthetic appeal. The flexibility, strength, abundance, firmness and quick maturity of bamboo have made it very popular choice for making furniture.Cane furniture , though natural in its appearance, lends a very modern and trendy look to the entire décor. The durability, low weight, easy maintenance and environmental-friendliness of the furniture further add to its charm.

3D Furniture

3d-furniture started in 2010 with vision to bring refreshment on the design marketplace. It is made by architect, with great experience and interest in 3D modeling and 3D visualization.Crucial aim is to provide full range of furniture for different type of users, architects, designers and all the others interested in 3D modeling and visualization.

Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture is any kind of furniture featuring a simplistic design and using modern materials. Furniture is considered to be paramount and creating an item that is visually enhancing. Another goal of contemporary furniture is that is strives to be both attainable and affordable.

Jhulas / Swings

A treasured asset for your interiors and the best therapy to bust out the stress after a long day, swings are just a perfect creation. Adding a fun element to your furniture, indoor swings have become very popular. This new trend is being loved by people of all age groups from kids to youngsters to elderly people. Dating back to various generations, swings have been a part of our culture and interiors always.


A shoe rack is a storage unit that's designed for holding shoes, typically in a closet. A shoe rack is an alternative to shoe boxes.

Carving Furniture

Carving is the finest work found in furniture. This artistry allows the carving to accentuate the grain of the wood and to transition around corners while preserving the pattern. It is done one piece at a time by those who are wood carving masters. And this kind of artistry you will find a variety of carving furniture in our exhibition at the best price.

Ethnic Furniture

Ethnic Furniture is very bright, dynamic, lively and original kind of furniture. It impresses with its scale, riot of colors and original decor. There are many variations of ethnic furniture that we offer in our exhibitions for eg; Indian style (which includes rajasthani and jodhpuri ), African style (which includes Moroccan and Egyptian), European (Provence, Mediterranean and Colonial), Eastern (Chinese and Japanese), South American or Mexican.

Kids Furniture

Turn your child’s room into a safe heaven where playing, learning, sleeping and growing are part of the daily experience when you set it up with kid's furniture. Our exhibition has collection of beds, seating, dressers, desks, bookcases, toy storage and playroom furniture. It includes all the furnishings you need to nurture your little ones from infancy through childhood.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is functional furniture that's designed for use in a business. It’s important to keep your office as organized and accessible as possible, and to do so you need premium office furniture. Thinking of making a major change? Create your dream space with a custom installed office specially designed to fit your every need. Business Furniture including office desks, chairs, reception furniture, bookcases & file cabinets.

Outdoor Furniture

Patio/Garden furniture in our exhibition is often sold as furniture sets which can include seating (from chairs to chaise lounges to sofas), tables (from large dining tables down to small coffee tables) and even accessories such as umbrellas and storage boxes. Outdoor furniture can be made from a variety of materials including wood, resin, teak, wrought and cast aluminum, wicker, wrought iron, sling and plastic.

Space Saving Furniture

Space saving furniture is any furniture that is designed to make the best use of the available space. Space saving furniture is becoming more of a necessity than fad, as home sizes continue to shrink with every passing year. Some of the space-saving furniture that we have in our exhibitions includes folding tables, furniture for small spaces such as transforming tables; coffee tables that turn into dining tables, office furniture, wall beds , compact living room furniture and stylish storage solutions.